Provide AD users with the Power of Self Service

Without any doubt, today Active Directory is considered as the most important part of any company's infrastructure. If we talk in context of current scenario, the network set-up within an organization is constantly expanding and getting complex. With this expansion of network set-up, managing tasks like updating personal information in Active Directory, password reset or unlock account is getting more complex and time consuming for the administrator. 

Recent studies show that in almost every next organization, the administrator spends almost 30 percent of his time either in resetting employees’ forgotten passwords or unlocking their locked out accounts. Overall, it can be said that IT administrator spends most of his working hours just in resolving these issues. 

For users, it is not always easy to get the password reset or account unlock request fulfilled quickly. There are times when the user has to wait for hours just to get these issues fixed by the administrator. Therefore, to avoid the downtime and productivity loss, the best approach that the user can follow is taking help of a third party active directory self service software. 

Today, there are many self service password reset tools available to provide a platform for AD self service. Choosing a proficient one like Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) can make things quite easy for the administrator and users as well. It is a secure and web-based Active Directory self service software, which allows user to update personal information in Active Directory, reset password and unlock account. As far as AD users are concerned, with self service facility they will be able to perform these tasks without taking help of the system administrator or help desk personnel. 

Using this active directory self service software, the administrator will be able to automate password reset more successfully. In fact, the tool can make it possible for organizations to reduce the help desk cost and keep the administrator free for major and more important tasks.Read more