Network Management with Active Directory Self Service

Working in an organization as an IT administrator is tough, as you have to face the challenge of managing user accounts in Active Directory all the time. Managing user information and performing flawless network management is not an easy task. Configuring network properties and managing other tasks manually proves to be extremely time consuming, tiresome and error-prone, especially when the network is large and complex. Moreover, performing and accomplishing these tough tasks also demands in-depth understanding of Active Directory and its allied technologies. 
A professional and reliable Active Directory Self Service might just save the administrator from going through all these pains of updating personal information on Active Directory. Active Directory Self Service tool can automate these burdensome tasks, simply network management and generate detailed reports on tasks so performed as well as their status in the need of the hour. 

Active Directory Self Service is an ideal and comprehensive web-based Network management tool that eases the user management, network management and Active Directory administration. The solution features a single console from which IT management can view and manage Active Directory users, computers, contacts, groups and reports on Active Directory environment. Here are some of the benefits of installing Active Directory Self Service to the organization:
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Increases ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Helps a user to update user information
  • Minimizes help desk workload so that help desk technicians can stay engaged in other productive tasks
  • Supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Allows the user to employ organizational resources in result-oriented work

Lepide Active Directory Self Service is a reliable software that offers a single platform to the IT managers so that they can view and organize Active Directory objects such as users, computers, contacts, groups and reports on Active Directory environment. Utilization of a powerful AD Self Service tool avoids manual, error prone administrative activities in Active Directory and saves time and cost.


Hi Thanks lepide for sharing this wonderfull information with us. It been pleasure to use this application. As there was an earlier post and i asked how can a user change its password with out disturbing an admin. Thus this is a complete solution. Thanks again for this beautiful information. Moreover while i was testing the application I wanted an more information such as Like if the Admin forgot his password at that case is there a possibility for admin to change the password or not.

Please update this as well as i suppose this is also an important definition in regards to the application.


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