Is your Active Directory Information Current and Active?

It’s hard to deny the importance of maintaining or keeping Active Directory information correct and active. This Active Directory is very crucial for organization for many different reasons. Any user can employ Active Directory more like a corporate white pages service in order to regain any piece of information about their co-workers. Besides this, HR management can use the Active Directory information like department, city or state to keep informed about employees' benefit and payroll data, etc. But, to improve the quality of the information stored in Active Directory, it’s important an IT administrator keeps on updating it on a regular basis. 

Now, for administrators keeping Active Directory information current and updated can be a real big challenge. Performing any activity right from account provisioning, enforcement of proper AD security or even ensuring backup and restore capabilities might seem easy, but actually they are very complex processes. But, today with the help of the Self-Service interface program, the IT professional can tackle such unfavorable conditions with ease.

Recent studies show that in a single day, help desk or IT professionals are more involved in normal activities like resetting the expired passwords or unlocking different user accounts. They waste most of their valuable time in handling minor problems. In fact, the time that is involved in making just few changes in Active Directory in a week could easily add up to a lot of time spent each year. But, with an effective Active Directory self-service program, it is very much possible to carry out Active Directory self-service tasks from any location via a standard web browser. 

For IT administrators, no more deployment is required. With Active Directory self-service tool like Lepide Active Directory Self Service tool, all that he requires is just link to the Web Interface and then begin functioning with the employee’s data in Active Directory. The tool allows the administrator send email message to all employees in relation to any issue related to account information update, password reset in just one go.

Also, Active Directory Self-Service offers an all-inclusive reporting to assure compliance. Therefore, with this tool, you as an IT administrator will be capable to measure adoption across the board by having a look at how many users have self-registered. In fact, you can report and analyze trends in password resets and user update changes. What makes this tool more special is, it provides a very interactive GUI and bunch of functionality that simplifies Active Directory management and administration to a great extent. For more information -


Hi, Thanks for this valuable post. Well just wanted to know that suppose a user forgot his password then at that case is the admin authorize to change the user password or the user himself is oblized to change its password on there own. Please update the steps and thanks a lot again for this such a nice blog.


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