How to change or reset forgotten Active Directory password

Active Directory consists in itself thousands of users and domains. It serves as a security guard against the catastrophic elements that might harm the information system of the organization. A user needs a username as well as a password for logging into any computer on the Active Directory Domain. In case the user forgets the login details the Active Directory cannot be accessed by him/her. However, forgetting the passwords of accounts or Active Directory is a common issue encountered by every second person. 

But not to worry, there are solutions available to reset Active Directory password. Manually there are two ways that can be used to reset a user password:

  1. With the help of Windows interface:
  2. Step 1: Double click on Active Directory Users and Computers
    Step 2: Now, click on the user account within the console tree
    Step 3: Within the details pane, right-click on the user whose password needs to be changed and then select Reset password
    Step 4: Type the new password and confirm. Tick the checkbox User must change password at next logon if you want the user to change password at the next logon process as well
  3. With the help of a command Line:
  4. Step 1: Click Start -> Run and type cmd in the text box. Then click OK
    Step 2: In command prompt, type dsmod userUserDN-pwdNewPassword
    Note: UserDN is the unique name of the user for which a password will be assigned or reset and NewPassword is the password which is assigned in place of the current password
    Step 3: If the user needs to change password at next logon process as well then type:
dsmod userUserDN-mustchpwd{yes|no}

The aforementioned are the manual ways of resetting the Active directory passwords within the Windows OS. Apart from these native methods, there are other simpler ways of changing/resetting the password as well i.e. with the help of a commercial tool such as Lepide Active Directory Self Service software which is dedicated for this purpose. It enables the user to instantly set the new password without taking any permissions or help from the administrator. To reset a new password, the software asks the user to enter ‘New Username’, ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’. After providing these


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