Maximize the usage of organization’s resources with Lepide Active Directory Self Service

In an organization full of hundreds or thousands of employees, where the administrator has several other works, it may be difficult to keep changing or updating user’s information at regular intervals. A time when IT administrators have to look after security of an organization and proper working of entire database, trivial matters like change of password or username create unavoidable chaos on a day-to-day basis.

Suppose, IT administrator is busy backing up data or dealing with some security issues and meanwhile some employee comes up with a query to change his password. This small matter not only interferes in administrator’s regular work but also disturbs him a lot. Moreover, if we look on return of investment, then we see maximum time of the system administrator is spent resetting user’s forgotten passwords, authorizing accounts or dealing with reports generation. A very common issue is seen when users forget their individual passwords and ask for password reset. Usually the organization is divided into different domains that is, employees and administrators respectively.

The employees have a certain id password, which is same for all and the administrators have a separate set of passwords. Suppose, some employee changes id password or browser settings on his computer and that effects entire organization computers in that domain. It gets tough fixing it back. Giving certain rights to every employee separately gets on the administrator’s nerves.

Hence, Active directory is maintained that keeps entire software update, keeps every employee’s identity and rights different from the other one. An active directory’s basic task list contains password reset, user info update, group membership updating etc. Letting the users’ change their personal information easily could be a nice step to reduce time wastage and ensure control over details. With Active Directory, giving certain rights to only a group of people can also be managed. However, there can be underlying problems when regular employees perform all this. Managing this manually leads to many unavoidable errors and mishaps. Certain technical skills and knowledge is required when dealing with these issues. Hence, the usage of Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) is preferred.

Easy to use and download, LADSS is the web based reliable utility that easily manages entire Active directory functions. Users can edit or change their passwords or give authority and create reports by using this software. The tool is very safe to use and benefits system administrators, employees and organization overall! Read more information on


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