Save human resources and time with Active Directory self service system

In today’s busy environment, help desk and IT professionals waste a big amount of time handling minor Active Directory queries that can easily be solved by regular users. The basic tasks in Active Directory such as password reset, user info update, and group membership modification can be quickly and easily performed by users for themselves without requiring involvement of IT staffs. Providing users with the facility of Active Directory self service not only saves valuable human resources but also streamlines updating of the directory information. 
While updating the Active Directory, the updation process should be the big matter of concern or the user must be careful that it is executed appropriately. Improper execution of process may result in assigning incorrect data in the directory levels. Let’s see it from an employee’s perspective. Suppose, you are assigned the task to manage users in your domain and need to reset the password of a user. You can right-click the user and select Reset Password option to enter the new password. After clicking OK button, an error message flashes on your screen:
Windows cannot complete the password change for <user name> because: The System cannot find the path specified’

The same problem may arise with other administrator account or the same admin accounts in different workstations. When user password is changed, the dialog handler function encrypts the new password strings when it extracts from the edit controls. As it does not find the supporting file in the user AppData folder, the encryption fails hence the error. It happens if the AppData user shell folder is redirected to a different location without moving or copying the original data. To fix the problem, you either need to move or copy the original data to the redirected location or revert the redirection of the AppData folder. 
All these issues occur when you manually work on updating Active Directory information. On the other hand, use of third party software like Lepide Active Directory Self Service can loosen up your burden by smoothly executing these operations on AD. LADSS is the web-based and reliable tool that allows end users to update personal information in Active Directory, reset password and unlock account on their own without any hassle.Read More


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